Hi there, I’m Kenny!

Software Engineer | Observational Astronomer | Nintendo Enthusiast

Software Engineer | Observational Astronomer | Nintendo Enthusiast

Personal Projects


Description:  A familiy paid time leave bill legislation tracker

Technology Used: Node.js, Openstate API, Firebase, Express, Heroku

Lotto Tickets API

Description:  An API for the Florida Lottery Scratch-off game

Technology Used: Node.js, Mongoose, Express, Swagger, Heroku

Vehicle Restoration

Description:  A Vehicle Restoration Marketplace

Technology Used: Angular 4, Angular Material, Typescript, .NET Core/C#

City Weather

Description:  Look up the weather anywhere in the world

Technology Used: Google and Darksky API, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Heroku

Lotto Look-up

Description:  A responsive look-up page (with React)

Technology Used: React, Netlify

Video Game of the year

Description:  The best Video Games for each console

Technology Used: Rawg.io game API, Netlify, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Tachyon

E-commerce website

Description:  Video game website - www.thepixelprince.com

Technology Used: WordPress, PHP, Stripe, Photoshop

Farm Data logger

Description:  Indoor farming/greenhouse data-logger system.

Technology Used: Arduino, RFID, SQL, Plot.ly

Robot Maze Algorithm

Description:  Robot navigation using multiple maze configurations.

Technology Used: Virtual Robot simulator


Software Engineer | Observational Astronomer | Nintendo Enthusiast

Kenny Whyte

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