Racial Inequality

A repository of books, podcasts & movies to learn about racial inequality in America

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Learn how I developed this project

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Step 1 - Planning Phase (What problem was I trying to solve)

Let's face it, learning about racial justice can sometimes feel like a daunting task especially if you are not familiar with the issue.

In this world where our attention is constantly being pulled from one issue to another, it is easy forget that the Black community lives the reality of the racial injustice every day. When a black person is murdered the issue come to the forefront of our minds and there is an uptick in information on social media how learn, help and change the system. However, this focus goes aways as soon as a popular TV show is released on Netflix and all the information/resources are buried.

The "Racial Inequality" website aims to solve this issue by creating a space where you can find the resources on this topic and view a learning path.

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Step 2 - Project Requirement Phase (Project Requirements)

In making this website I focused on the following areas:

  • UI/UX considerations: How do I ensure that all the accessibility requirements are met?

  • Security: Making sure that the website is OWASP compliant.

  • Website performance: Ensuring that the loading times are fast and snappy.

  • PWAs: Does this website require Progressive Web Applications features?

  • Data Hydration: Sourcing the correct data and how often should the data be updated

  • SEO and Performance optimization


Step 3 - Software Selection & Result (What technology was used)

  • Frontend: Gatsby/React

  • CMS: Airtable

  • Deployment and CD/CI: Netlify

  • Performance:  74% 🔶

  • Accessibility: 89% 🔶 

  • Best Practices 93% 💚

  • SEO:98% 💚


“The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.”
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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