A Video Game Bucket List

A Video Game Bucket List & Recommendation Engine

Technology used:

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Learn how I developed this project

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Step 1 - Planning Phase (What problem was I trying to solve)

Not sure which game to play next? This website will help you out. All you need to do is enter a video game you love and the website will return get some awesome suggestions.

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Step 2 - Project Requirement Phase (Project Requirements)

In making this website I focused on the following areas:

  • UI/UX considerations: How do I ensure that all the accessibility requirements are met?

  • Security: Making sure that the website is OWASP compliant.

  • Website performance: Ensuring that the loading times are fast and snappy.

  • PWAs: Does this website require Progressive Web Applications features?

  • Data Hydration: Sourcing the correct data and how often should the data be updated

  • SEO and Performance optimization


Step 3 - Software Selection & Result (What technology was used)

  • Frontend: React

  • CD/CI: Netlify

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