Farm Data Logger

Indoor farming/greenhouse data-logger system was designed to assist farmers in third world countries to effectively manage farms.

Technology used:


Learn how I developed this project

Step 1 - Planning Phase
What problem was I trying to solve
    The Arduino-Datalogger was designed to create the “perfect” environmental conditions for optimal maintenance and growth of plants (through remote monitoring). A cost-benefit analysis of the system showed a Net Benefit of over $7000.00 saved per year if implemnted.
    Step 2 - Project Requirement Phase
    Project Requirements

    Value/Benefit to the user

      • Remote/automated monitoring
      • Creating the “perfect” environmental conditions for optimal maintenance and growth (yield plants/crop all year)
      • Minimizing some of the risk and effects of unpredictable elements
      • Make important business decisions
      • Lower human errors

    Criteria and Goals

      • Intended for small indoor farms /Greenhouses
      • Free for everyone to use - Open source
      • Easy to understand and use for the end user
      • Low cost (Hardware and Software) - MySQL, Google Docs etc.
      • Simple Maintenance
      Step 3 - Software selection & Testing Phase
      What technology was used

        • Frontend: HTML, CSS
        • Backend: C++
        • Database: SQL
        • Hardware: Arduino

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